Gang Reduction and Youth Development Research & Evaluation

GRYD Research & Evaluation
Team Partners:

California State University, Los Angeles
Harder+Company Community Research
University of California, Los Angeles
University of Southern California

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The City of Los Angeles Mayor’s Office of Gang Reduction and Youth Development (GRYD) oversees the delivery of gang prevention and intervention services in 23 communities across the City of Los Angeles. The GRYD Comprehensive Strategy is the foundation for developing and delivering programming in the areas of the city most impacted by gang violence.


The GRYD Research & Evaluation team, led by Denise C. Herz, Ph.D. and Molly Kraus, MPL, was created in 2015 as an external, university-based research team designed to bridge research and practice and inform GRYD programming as it continues to grow. The purpose of the GRYD Research & Evaluation Team is:

  • to maintain the GRYD Database and provide training to support data collection efforts among GRYD providers, and
  • to evaluate the effectiveness of GRYD programming and inform practices over time.

The Team is based at California State University, Los Angeles and is housed under the Rongxiang Xu College of Health and Human Services—Wellness, Education, and Research Center and includes partners from Cal State LA, UCLA, USC, and Harder & Company Community Research. The GRYD Research & Evaluation Team has produced several evaluation reports and is currently disseminating its research findings through the GRYD Research Brief Series.

GRYD 2020 Research Brief Series

The purpose of the GRYD 2020 Research Brief Series is to capture GRYD programmatic experiences and research findings in a way that is straight-forward and translatable to others working in this area.

2020 GRYD Brief SeriesThe inaugural brief lays the foundation for future briefs by outlining the GRYD Comprehensive Strategy and its related programming. Subsequent and forthcoming briefs in this series summarize findings related to a research question or a GRYD-sponsored initiative, highlight the lessons learned, and apply those lessons to practice and policy recommendations.

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GRYD 2017 Evaluation Reports

The GRYD 2017 Evaluation Reports are a collection of technical reports which present quantitative and qualitative data and findings for all areas of focus under the GRYD Comprehensive Strategy.

GRYD 2017 Evaluation Reports

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GRYD 2010-2015 Urban Institute Evaluation Reports

The City of Los Angeles contracted with Urban Institute to complete a series of four Evaluation Reports. These reports begin with the Year 1 Report (October 2010) and the launch of GRYD Prevention and Intervention services and continue through Year 4 (September 2015) and full implementation of the GRYD Database allowing for the most robust report thus far.

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